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   猫舍已经成立5年了,这几年里诞生了许多小天使國也结识了不少好朋友。感谢大家的信任和喜爱,我们是一家位于洛杉矶的小型精品家庭式猫舍,为国际权威纯种猫机构CFA与 TICA双注册猫舍,所有种猫均来源于波兰、瑞典等海内外知名猫舍血线,具有CFA或TICA注册证书,通过HCM、PKD、FIV 检测且五代谱可查,确保布偶繁育的纯种血线。我们尽全力为每只猫咪提供舒适温馨的生活环境,目前猫咪们和我们一起生活在约3500平的别墅中,另外花园及露台面积约100 余平,拥有母猫房、产房、幼儿房、公猫房等独立空问,保持阳光充沛,坚持无笼散养。欢迎云吸猫~~

    The cattery has been established for 5 years, and many little angel kingdoms have been born and many good friends have been made in the past few years. Thank you for your trust and love. We are a small boutique family-style cattery located in Los Angeles. We are a double-registered cattery for international authoritative purebred cat organizations CFA and TICA. All breed cats come from well-known cattery at home and abroad such as Poland and Sweden. The blood line has a CFA or TICA registration certificate, has passed the HCM, PKD, FIV test and can check the five-generation spectrum to ensure the purebred blood line for puppet breeding. We do our best to provide each cat with a comfortable and warm living environment. Currently, the cats live with us in a villa of about 3,500 square meters. In addition, the garden and terrace area is about 100 square meters. There are female cat rooms, delivery rooms, nursery rooms, public In independent spaces such as the cat room, keep it sunny, and insist on free-range breeding without cages. Welcome to cloud sucking cat~~

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